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Ineos Hygienics

INEOS business is to make the products that society needs. So when the coronavirus pandemic led to a global shortage of sanitising products, they set about manufacturing and distributing the large volumes needed to meet the shortfall, firstly to health authorities, and then more broadly to all.

Alcohol based disinfectant has long been recognised by the scientific and medical communities as the simplest and most effective way of destroying both viruses and bacteria when soap and water is not readily available. The viruses and bacteria do not build up resistance, meaning that no matter how often you use it, the cleansing effect will be just as good. Even where soap and water is available, alcohol provides an additional deep clean of viruses and bacteria that is quick and convenient. Its use is standard procedure in health care environments and hospitals. And although the virus associated with Covid-19 is new, a study by Swiss and German scientists concludes the effectiveness of the alcohol at killing it.

At the core of their sanitiser is their own high purity ethanol, whichis manufactured to meet the specialist requirements of healthcare environments. Their product is free of impurities seen in many agricultural sources of IPA

In contrast with many suppliers, Ineos formulate their sanitiser hand gel with 75% alcohol, as advised by The World Health Organisation, the US FDA, and health services in Europe. This ensures that it is effective in eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It also ensures that, after use, it evaporates quickly, and leaves hands feeling clean and dry.

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