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Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys - A cycle jersey is a specialized jersey (shirt) for cycling.

While the vast majority of cyclists worldwide wear conventional clothing while riding, a jersey offers certain advantages for the serious cyclist. A cycling jersey is cut long in the back to accommodate the bent-over position used in serious cycling. Any pockets on the jersey are placed on the back panel as front pockets would tend to spill. The zipper is often made very long so that the cyclist can open up the jersey to allow for ventilation.

The cycling jersey is usually worn with a tight fit in order to reduce air resistance.

Jerseys are made from a material designed to wick moisture from the skin, keeping the cyclist cooler and more comfortable.

The best known jerseys are probably the yellow jersey from the Tour de France and the pink jersey from the Giro d'Italia. These jerseys were given the same color as the paper their original main sponsors (both sports newspapers) were printed on: yellow and pink paper, respectively. Many other jerseys are colored or designed after a sponsor's logo, and some jerseys change color when a new sponsor is found.

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