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Cycling Shoes | Road, Mountain Bike, Leisure & Spinn Shoes

Cycling Shoes - Cycling shoes are shoes purpose-built for cycling. There are a variety of designs depending on the type and intensity of the cycling for which they are intended. Using a shoe and pedal cleat system is said to increase your cycling efficiency by 30%

Road bike shoes are designed for use with road bikes, they have a triangle style cleat system (called a "Look pattern" - Shimano refer to this as SPD-SL) and tend to have a hard sole designed to hold your foot in the correct position to optimise your pedal stroke.

Mountain bike shoes are designed for use off road and tend to have a large amount of grip on the sole and in some cases studs to give you grip when you are off the bike through the mud. MTB shoes come either with a flat sole or with holes for cleats around the ball area.

Spinning shoes are shoes specifically designed for spin class and tend to use the MTB style cleat, as a general rule they are light weight airy/ well ventilated shoes. Whilst there are spinning specific shoes these are few and far between so most people opt for a lightweight MTB or leisure shoe

Touring shoes - simply put these are shoes designed for touring. They tend to be slightly heavier weight than a standard road or MTB shoe to handle the different terrain and weather extremes you expose yourself to on long tour rides.

Triathlon Shoes- Tri shoes use a road shape, hard sole and usually have a single strap system for fast changing. It's also common to find a hole on the underside of a triathlon shoe to allow the water to drain out of the shoe.

Please note: Cleats do not come with shoes -cleats come with pedals

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