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Triathlon/ Tt Bikes

Triathlon bikes are (just as you would imagine) bikes that are specifically designed for use in Triathlon events. Triathlon bikes have unique geometry, they feature a steeper seat angle to help position your torso level with the ground. By having your upper and lower body further forward you are in a more aero position reducing the drag (roughly 80% of the drag you feel on a bike is from your body so it's VERY important to get your position correct to reduce drag). Having your seat further forward also has the advantage of opening up your hips which means there is less tension on your quadriceps and hamstrings (a road bike will normally have something like a 72 degree seat tube angle where as a tri bike will have something like a 78+ degree seat tube angle).

Time Trial Bikes
are like dragsters, they are designed for straight line speed, they (like triathlon bikes) try to reduce drag as much as possible. Similar to triathlon bikes TT bikes have a steeper seat angle than you find on road bikes and shorter top-tubes, they also utilize out-front TT bars that pushes you forward so your upper body is parallel to the ground increasing your aerodynamics and reducing drag.

Are they the same?
Yes and no. Some manufacturers have specific Tri bikes and TT bikes but there is so much cross over that it often comes down to how much storage a bike has (if it has more storage they class it as a triathlon bike and less as a TT bike). It's worth noting though that Time Trial bikes have to adhere to UCI rules and these state that the front of your saddle must be 5cm from the centre of the bottom bracket. It's also worth saying that a Triathlon rider will have completed a swim and have a run to do after they get off the bike so some riders prefer a slightly more relaxed position to reduce fatigue when compared to a TT rider who just has the one discipline in front of them that they want to complete at maximum speed.

To achieve your best times when racing against the clock in time trials and triathlons, you need a bike to match you and at Pedal Revolution we have you covered. We stock an excellent range of Triathlon bikes and Time Trial Bikes from the top brands including Trek, Cervelo and BMC that we have on sale and available to buy online or to reserve and collect from one of our UK stores which offers full bike fitting and workshop services.

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