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Electric Bikes / E-Bikes - Norfolk & Suffolk - Norwich & Gorleston

All the ebikes at we have at our Norfolk electric bike shop Pedal Revolution UK are pedal assist models. This means that the electric motor adds to your natural pedalling power, making them easier to ride. The effect is seamless, and you will feel the extra boost from the first pedal stroke. The harder you pedal the more the power the motor gives you. When you stop pedalling the motor stops too.

You can vary the amount of power that the drive unit delivers when you pedal. All you need to do is select one of the different power modes using the display unit or power button. Some e bikes allow you to customize these modes through a smart phone app that connects to the bike through Bluetooth.

Electric bikes (e-bikes). An electric bicycle is a fast, cost effective and eco-friendly way to get around. They are perfect for someone who is looking to power their commute, reduce the pressure from your legs or assistance with climbing. Plus, as electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes become more readily available, it’s not hard to find an e bike that suits your riding style.

Electric bikes are a fantastic choice for those who cycle long distances. An integrated motor assists your pedaling and are a less arduous alternative to traditional road, mountain and hybrid bikes. E-bikes are very popular with delivery riders and bike trekkers as the electric motor helps to carry the eight of luggage or heavy loads. Pedal assist models provide upto a wattage of assistance, let's say as an example that you get a 250 wh motor, this means the bike will provide up to 250 watts of power so if you only lightly step on the pedals and put in 1 watt the bike will give you 249 watts of assistance, if you put in 249 watts with your legs then the motor will provide 1 watt of power allowing you to choose how much of a work out (or not) that you would like.

At Pedal Revolution Norwich and Gorleston we’re able to stock some the UK’s best electric bikes brands, with men’s and women’s electric bikes for sale from the likes of Cannondale, Giant, Liv, Trek, GT and more top names making us the No1 electric bike store in Norfolk and Suffolk. We’re happy to offer interest free finance and TAX-FREE bikes via the Green-Commute-Scheme on a wide range of electric and motorised bikes too, allowing you to spread the cost of a purchase and make getting hold of a new electric bike simpler. If you haven’t found the model you were looking for, you can always head to your local Pedal Revolution store for a helping hand, or alternatively, take a look at the full range of bikes.

Our Norwich e-bike store and Gorleston electric bike shop are here to help so don't hesistate to get in touch and start your E-Adventure!

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