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Pedal Revolution lives and breathes bikes and cycling accessories. We've been in business for 20 years - 9 of which have been online - and have built a reputation for the best brands, excellent prices, fantastic cycling knowledge and great customer service.

Over the last 7 years we've developed an addiction to all things Titanium and work with companies such as Van Nicholas, Kinesis, J Guillem and Lynskey. We understand that we’re now Europe's biggest dealer in Titanium road bikes – and have between 15 and 20 bikes built up for customers to test at any one time.   

We help customers build bikes from frame. We provide a full fitting service and work with customers to specify all the required items for their new bike - frame type and size, groupset, crank length, cassette size, stem size, bar width - and so on, so that they get the perfect bike for them.

We offer a highly secure shopping environment (via sagepay) and next day delivery service on all orders over £20 across the UK (mainland). We also deliver around the world. So, happy shopping! If you've any queries or questions please call us on 01553 97 00 97 and all comments are gratefully received through info@pedalrevolution.co.uk

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Road helmets, MTB helmets, Full Face helmets, Kids helmets, Leisure helmets & Aero Helmets

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Road helmets, MTB helmets, Full Face helmets, Kids helmets, Leisure helmets & Aero Helmets

Road Helmets or Performance cycle helmets offer unrivalled levels of protection with the absolute minimum of material. They are extraordinarily light and feature a series of huge vents, designed to scoop up air and direct it over your head to keep you cool. On long, hot climbs, the difference is noticeable.  

Full face helmets are designed to offer extra protection in higher-risk events such as downhill and freeride. They vary from ultra-lightweight designs that simply offer additional protection from branches to heavy Moto-Cross style helmets designed to protect the whole head in a more serious fall. 

MTB Helmets - Off road cycle helmets feature plenty of ventilation with a large numbers of vents to help keep your head cool. Off road bicycle helmets will also usually feature a peak to help keep the suns glare and rain off your face. When looking for a off road cycle helmet you should consider the fit, style and level of protection it will offer as these need to match your riding style, if you like to push it off road at a fast pace then a more vented lid is highly recommended.

Kids and youths cycle helmets are designed to be light, comfortable and allow for growth, they are specifically designed with this in mind to ensure your child is comfortable whilst wearing it and enjoys the ride. When measuring your child's head you need to measure around the circumference, in-line with the temples and above the ears, head shapes will vary so most will come with foam padding which can often be moved around to ensure a good fit. From Skid lids to MTB helmets, all you need to keep your kid safe. 

Aero helmets - Some modern Aero racing bicycle helmets have a long tapering back end for streamlining. This type of helmet is mainly dedicated to time trial racing.

All cycle helmets sold at Fatbirds meet BS EN 1078:1997 standards, which is identical to the EU standard, and which replaced BS 6863:1989 in 1997

We have a great selection of mens, womens and kids helmets for sale available to buy online at Fatbirds

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