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Pedal Revolution lives and breathes bikes and cycling accessories. We've been in business for 20 years - 9 of which have been online - and have built a reputation for the best brands, excellent prices, fantastic cycling knowledge and great customer service.

Over the last 7 years we've developed an addiction to all things Titanium and work with companies such as Van Nicholas, Kinesis, J Guillem and Lynskey. We understand that we’re now Europe's biggest dealer in Titanium road bikes – and have between 15 and 20 bikes built up for customers to test at any one time.   

We help customers build bikes from frame. We provide a full fitting service and work with customers to specify all the required items for their new bike - frame type and size, groupset, crank length, cassette size, stem size, bar width - and so on, so that they get the perfect bike for them.

We offer a highly secure shopping environment (via sagepay) and next day delivery service on all orders over £20 across the UK (mainland). We also deliver around the world. So, happy shopping! If you've any queries or questions please call us on 01553 97 00 97 and all comments are gratefully received through info@pedalrevolution.co.uk

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Cycling Shoes | Road, Mountain Bike, leisure & spinn shoes

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Cycling Shoes | Road, Mountain Bike, leisure & spinn shoes

Cycling Shoes - Cycling shoes are shoes purpose-built for cycling. There are a variety of designs depending on the type and intensity of the cycling for which they are intended. Using a shoe and pedal cleat system is said to increase your cycling efficiency by 30%

Road bike shoes are designed for use with road bikes, they have a triangle style cleat system (called a "Look pattern" - Shimano refer to this as SPD-SL) and tend to have a hard sole designed to hold your foot in the correct position to optimise your pedal stroke.

Mountain bike shoes are designed for use off road and tend to have a large amount of grip on the sole and in some cases studs to give you grip when you are off the bike through the mud. MTB shoes come either with a flat sole or with holes for cleats around the ball area.

Spinning shoes are shoes specifically designed for spin class and tend to use the MTB style cleat, as a general rule they are light weight airy/ well ventilated shoes. Whilst there are spinning specific shoes these are few and far between so most people opt for a lightweight MTB or leisure shoe

Touring shoes - simply put these are shoes designed for touring. They tend to be slightly heavier weight than a standard road or MTB shoe to handle the different terrain and weather extremes you expose yourself to on long tour rides.

Triathlon Shoes - Tri shoes use a road shape, hard sole and usually have a single strap system for fast changing. It's also common to find a hole on the underside of a triathlon shoe to allow the water to drain out of the shoe.

Please note: Cleats do not come with shoes - cleats come with pedals

Choose from the amazing range of cycling shoes we have on sale available to buy online

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