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Enve G27 Disc DT240 CL 650b Black Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset

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Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Navy Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Black Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Slate Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Turquoise Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheels
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Silver Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Red Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset
Enve G27 Clincher CK R45D 6B 142 / ISO SD 15 Black Hub Shimano Wheels
Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b Emerald Hub 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset

Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset; Smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, the G27 is designed for the higher volume tires demanded by many riders on rougher and looser terrain.

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See more from: Enve

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Code : EN00G271003112008

Weight : 0KG

The G27 is the G23’s little big brother. Smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, the G27 is designed for the higher volume tires demanded by many riders on rougher and looser terrain. At 320 grams, our lightest tubeless rim is 27mm wide and designed for tires marked 27.5 or 650B. Armed against pinch flats with the patent pending Wide Hookless Bead, the G27 is at home off-road and capable on tamer stretches of singletrack.

Those seeking the challenge of drop-bar riding over more technical terrain that is typically frequented by mountain bikes will benefit from the additional air volume, durability, and anti-flat performance benefits provided by the G27.If your path leads you to rough roads, single tracks, and multi-day bike packing adventures – the G27 may be for you.

There is a place between road and mountain open to discovery. Beyond the range of your trail bike or the capabilities of your road bike. Terrain littered with contradicting challenges and demanding requirements are at odds with the bikes and products available today. We built the new G27 to thrive in this new environment because insight gained through building the world’s best road and mountain bike rims told us that the perfect combination did not exist in our stable, or in our opinion, anywhere at all. The higher volume and lower pressures would demand MTB toughness and flat resistance, while big days and long miles would require the lightweight and efficiency of a road machine. Above all, the combination of rough and rigid would require a wheel with the ride quality to make those long miles enjoyable and multi-day trek possible.

We want people to have as much fun riding gravel as we do and for that reason we’ve targeted rim geometries that favor the tire treads and volumes that have proven to be the most fun. With an inner rim width of 27mm the G27, is designed to be paired with 650B gravel and road plus treads from 42mm-60mm and 27.5 XC mountain treads from 1.9”-2.25”. These light casing, supple tires provide ample control and traction, for most gravel riding endeavors, but they do not offer much by way of pinch-flat protection. Despite ‘min PSI’ markings to the contrary, many riders are experimenting with pressure setting in the 20s. The forward-looking G27 is ahead of the trend using our Wide Hookless Bead anti-flat technology, which provides a larger, more forgiving surface during bottom outs, protecting the tire from the dreaded pinch-flat. This technology means you can ride the tire pressures you want, confidently, without limitations. The G Series are intended for tubeless applications and features a molded bead-lock to ensure that your tires will remain secure and sealed to the rim over even the roughest terrain.















Product Specs


Rim Specs Front Rear
Rim Depth 25mm 25mm
External Width 35.5mm 35.5mm
Internal Width 27mm 27mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 571mm 571mm
Accepted Tire Sizes 42c - 2.25" 42c - 2.25"
Wheelset Specs Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 320g 320g 640g
ENVE Alloy 575g 699g 1275g
i9 Torch Road CL 558g 698g 1257g
Chris King R45 CL 587g 703g 1289g
Spoke Information* Front Length (NDS/DS) Rear Length (NDS/DS) Spoke Cross
ENVE Alloy 276mm / 278mm 278mm / 276mm 2X
DT 240 CL 274mm / 276mm 276mm / 274 mm 2X
Chris King R45 CL 272mm / 272mm 274mm / 272mm 2X
I-9 Torch CL 276mm / 278mm 278mm / 272mm 2X
*This wheelset is built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Those built before May 2018 may use a DT Swiss spoke equivalent. DT Swiss spoke heads are stamped "DT".      

Buy Enve G27 Disc R45D CL 650b 12/142 Shimano Gravel Wheelset online

    Size Guide
    Technical Information

    Recommended Max Tire Pressure for Given Rim & Tire Volume Combo on Gravel Road Surfaces

    Note: Tire pressures are intended as a starting recommendation based on the listed wheel being set up with tubeless tire.

    The pressure value is calculated considering a tubeless set up, intended road surface, rider's weight, average bike weight, inner rim width, and tire volume.

    Rider Weight Rim Model M50 G23 SES 4.5 AR. M525 G27
    Inner Rim Width 21mm 23mm 25mm 27mm
    Tire Size 28mm 32-35mm 42-45mm 32-35mm 35-38mm 38-42mm 42-45mm 28mm 32-35mm 38-42mm 42-45mm 47-55mm
    38-42mm 42-45mm 47-55mm
    90 lbs.   26 23 18 23 21 20 18 24 22 19 17 13 19 17 13
    100 lbs.   28 26 20 25 24 22 20 27 25 21 19 15 21 19 14
    110 lbs.   31 28 22 28 26 24 21 29 27 23 21 16 23 20 16
    120 lbs.   34 31 24 30 28 26 23 32 29 25 23 17 24 22 17
    130 lbs.   36 33 25 32 30 27 25 34 31 27 24 19 26 24 18
    140 lbs.   38 35 27 34 32 29 26 36 33 28 26 20 28 25 19
    150 lbs.   40 37 28 36 34 31 28 38 35 30 27 21 29 26 20
    160 lbs.   42 38 30 38 35 32 29 40 37 31 28 22 31 28 21
    170 lbs.   44 40 31 39 37 34 30 42 38 33 30 23 32 29 22
    180 lbs.   46 42 32 41 38 35 31 43 40 34 31 24 33 30 23
    190 lbs.   47 43 33 42 39 36 33 45 41 35 32 24 34 31 24
    200 lbs.   48 44 34 43 41 37 33 46 42 36 33 25 35 32 24
    210 lbs.   50 45 35 44 42 38 34 47 43 37 33 26 36 33 25
    220 lbs.   51 46 36 45 43 39 35 48 44 38 34 26 37 33 26
    230 lbs.   52 47 37 46 43 39 36 49 45 38 35 27 37 34 26
    240 lbs.   52 48 37 47 44 40 36 50 46 39 35 27 38 34 27
    250 lbs.   53 49 38 47 45 41 37 50 46 40 36 28 39 35 27

    High Volume
    G23 = 700c x 23mm Internal Rim Width x 35 – 45mm tires
    Rider’s looking for maximum versatility, speed and efficiency will gravitate towards the G23 paired with a 40mm tire. There’s a reason this is the most popular tire size in gravel right now.

    G27 = 650b x 27mm Internal Rim Width x 42c – 2.25” tires
    Riders on rough and loose terrain, who primarily ride dirt, often find more confidence and control from a larger volume tire. Those who prioritize traction and stable control over flat out speed will appreciate the G27.

    ountain Strong Road Fast At ENVE, product strength and durability are always top design priorities. Here’s a glimpse into the G Series toughness and the standard by which all other gravel wheels will be judged.


        Tested to ENVE mountain impact standard
        Rated for unsuspended to lightly suspended bikes under the assumptions that technical terrain and obstacles are negotiated at lower speeds than mountain bike
        Mountain strong, but not ENVE mountain strong.
        While these wheels are stronger than many mountain bike wheels in the market, they rate just below the elevated impact strength of our new M Series

    Application Specific Design & Shape We demand lightweight for big elevation and long days in the saddle. We dream of floating up climbs, over obstacles and away from the pack. The G Series are the lightest tubeless rims we have ever produced.

    The “bell” like shape of the G23 and G27 rim models is a lighter weight execution of our wide hookless bead and creates a rim section extremely capable of energy absorption and damping.

    Wide Hookless Bead
    As carbon rims have become hookless and increasingly more durable, we have transitioned from rim failures to tire failures. Wearing a tire tread down to the casing is a thing of the past as most tires are lucky if they survive 50 miles of aggressive riding over obstacle laden terrain. While destroying an expensive tire on a weekly basis isn’t affordable, it’s a complete interruption of flow, and an utter buzzkill with a flat tire, regulated to the side of the trail.

    ENVE’s wide hookless bead is the result of 2 years of carbon mountain bike rim development to address this scenario. We have since adapted it into our gravel wheelsets. The result is a rim shape that features a wider leading edge of the hookless bead. This broad surface creates a more forgiving platform on which the tire can bottom out, and proves extremely effective in reducing the likelihood of “pinch” or “snake-bite” style flat.

    In addition to greatly improving tire performance and reliability, the wide hookless bead design beefs up the leading edge of the rim and allows for greater impact resistance.

    ENVE Wide Hookless Bead (Patent Pending) delivers:
    • 60% improvement in pinch flat resistance over other hookless rims
    • Ability to run lower tire pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance
    • The option to run lighter weight tires if desired
    • A more forgiving buffer between rim and trail
    • Greater impact resistance

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