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Pedal Revolution lives and breathes bikes and cycling accessories. We've been in business for 20 years - 9 of which have been online - and have built a reputation for the best brands, excellent prices, fantastic cycling knowledge and great customer service.

Over the last 7 years we've developed an addiction to all things Titanium and work with companies such as Van Nicholas, Kinesis, J Guillem and Lynskey. We understand that we’re now Europe's biggest dealer in Titanium road bikes – and have between 15 and 20 bikes built up for customers to test at any one time.   

We help customers build bikes from frame. We provide a full fitting service and work with customers to specify all the required items for their new bike - frame type and size, groupset, crank length, cassette size, stem size, bar width - and so on, so that they get the perfect bike for them.

We offer a highly secure shopping environment (via sagepay) and next day delivery service on all orders over £20 across the UK (mainland). We also deliver around the world. So, happy shopping! If you've any queries or questions please call us on 01553 97 00 97 and all comments are gratefully received through info@pedalrevolution.co.uk

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Workshop & Bike Servicing

6 week free service

Keep your new bike in top condition.

Once you've bought your bike, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We will have set up your bike so there was very little to do once you received it but you may still want to tweak it to fit your riding style.

After 6 weeks, call us to arrange a free check-up. We'll give it a very brief service but it's important to make sure that your new bike is running as it should be.

Service Prices

Wheel building

Standard wheel building prices are below, although these may vary for specialist wheels E.g. bladed spokes, downhill, Rohloff.

Standard (with purchase of new hub, rim & spokes) £45

General Maintenance

Labour charges for various maintenance jobs (Parts will be charged for separately).

Front + rear gear adjustment from £25

Brake adjustment (not hydraulic) from £15

True wheel from £20

Replace broken spoke from £25

Fit new tube or tyre from £10 (£15 for both wheels)

Fit new rear tube/tyre to hub geared bike from £15

Fit new rear tube or tyre (covered in chainguards) from £20

Fit new wheel (front) from £15

Fit new wheel (rear) inc. realignment of gears from £25

Hydraulic brake bleeding (per brake) from £25

Hydraulic brake service (per brake) from £35

Replacement of Individual Parts

Labour charges for the replacement of individual parts (Parts will be charged for separately).

Bottom bracket fit inc re-cutting of thread from £30

Bottom bracket fit for Hollowtech II type inc facing from £30

Headset inc headtube inspection from £30

Gear cable from £15

Brake block or cable (caliper brake) from £15

Brake block or cable (centre pull / V-brake) from £30

Block & chain inc gear set up, lube mechs & cables from £30

Full Mudguard Sets £30

Computer £10

Rack £15

Grips/Bar tape £10

Misc Accessory Fitting £10

Complete Transparency

In order to give you a transparent overview of pricing for all activities carried out in our workshops, we have listed approximate costs here.

All prices serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike. There is a minimum labour charge of £10. We will always happily give you an approximate quote for any jobs not listed below. All parts are charged separately.

Back on the road Service: £30

General Service (without de-grease): £50

General Service (Including de-grease): £65

Full Service: £125

Bike Servicing Prices

Unsure what each bike service level involves? We've broke down each service type below.

Back on the Road

  • Frame and forks checked for damage
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Gears adjusted
  • Bolts checked and tightened
  • Headset, bottom bracket, wheel bearings checked for free movement
  • Any further work recommended for the future
  • Call 01553 97 00 97

General Service

  • Frame & forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Drivetrain removed, de-greased, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated (Only with De-Grease)
  • Headset checked for free movement and adjusted if required
  • Bottom Bracket checked for free movement and adjusted if required
  • Allen bolts checked and tightened to correct torque
  • Lubrication of chain, mechs & cables
  • Adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Wheel hubs and rims checked for damage and wear and trued if required
  • Pump and inspect tyres for wear and tear
  • Safety check (all fittings / mudguards / racks etc. are securely fastened)
  • Brakes checked for effective operation and adjusted
  • De-greasing has a £15 surcharge
  • Call 01553 97 00 97

Complete Service

  • Bike stripped down to the frame, then cleaned and checked for alignment and damage. All threads cleaned and checked
  • Hubs, cleaned, inspected, & checked for movement
  • Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned, inspected, then refitted with fresh grease & checked for movement
  • Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, then refitted with fresh grease & checked for movement
  • All other fittings removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated replacing all cables and housings
  • Brake blocks / disc pads checked and replaced if required
  • Replacement of any other worn parts if required
  • Safety check (all fittings / mudguards / racks etc. are securely fastened)
  • Call 01553 97 00 97

(Does not include parts or servicing of suspension and hydraulic brakes. A full service may require the purchase of a few items E.g. Bar Tape)

* - Only Available in store or collection
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