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Litespeed Titanium Bikes And Frames For Men And Women

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Litespeed Titanium Bikes And Frames For Men And Women

Litespeed Titanium Road Bikes offer unparalleled speed, comfort and durability. The development of Litespeed Titanium Gravel Bikes have helped to introduce the sport worldwide to a huge number of cyclists.


Over 30 years ago, Litespeed started listening to cyclists who wanted something strong and durable, yet light and agile. It was a tall order, but their team of designers were up for the challenge. While the rest of the industry scratched their heads, a new breed of bikes was born in Chattanooga, Tenn. Litespeed discovered a new way to work with titanium and created a new and exciting cycling experience.

In 2002, Australian Robbie McEwen showed the world the competitive advantages of titanium as he sprinted to 17 stage wins and took home the green jersey on his Litespeed Vortex. Today, riders everywhere are achieving their own goals on our versatile, performance-driven bikes. And in the group rides, it’s no surprise to see a ten year-old Vortex alongside a brand new T1sl.

Proudly handmade in the United States Of America for over 30 years

Products today are made to wear out or become obsolete in a year so you have to keep buying. At Litespeed, they don’t buy into that philosophy. Litespeed hear all the time from people who have been riding their Litespeed bike for ten years and that makes them prouder than any award. Litespeed titanium frames are like your favorite pair of leather boots—made to last.

What’s the best way to protect quality and design standards? By building a talented team and keeping it intact. You see, the people who brought their current flagship model T1sl to life, are the same visionaries who designed, developed, and produced our original lineup of the Blade, Vortex, Ghisallo, Ultimate, and Sienna (those are the names of bikes, not American Gladiators). Over the years, they’ve continued to innovate and use their accumulated knowledge to give you the best ride possible.

Litespeed Titanium Bikes and Frames

One of the original titanium names is back in the UK with some of the most staggering titanium frames around.

Beautiful, cutting edge, hand-made and cold-worked frames from Tennessee which includes the world’s lightest production titanium frame that weights in under 1kg with it’s stunning 6V/4AL hand crafted top-tube. This is a higher grade titanium than surgeons use to repair your broken bones!

Litespeed’s 30 year heritage began when a worker turned to cycling after a running injury. Being a titanium fabrication shop, Litespeed developed many prototypes until they launched their first production frame in the late 90’s. Thus began the journey that would make Litespeed the go to authority on titanium bicycles.

Litespeed takes the highest quality titanium available and makes it better by going above and beyond to deliver the most premium cold-worked, cycling-specific tubesets in the world. At Litespeed everything is made just as it always has been. By hand and with care and pride to the highest standards for customers who demand the best and most technologically advanced titanium frames available today.

Litespeed Innovation and Quality
At Litespeed, we don’t settle for easier worked materials or shaping methods. Our tubesets are cold-worked with aerospace grade titanium. We treat each bicycle frame with the same care and attention to detail as the components we develop for aerospace applications – like the Mars “Curiosity” Rover launched by NASA in 2012.

The 2019 Litespeed Cherohala uses Litespeed’s innovation to offer a titanium frame that is accomplished on road and gravel which just a switch of tyres or wheels. Is this the classic titanium all-rounder re-invented for the 21st century?

New for Litespeed is the revival of the Litespeed Ultimate range.

The Ultimate was first introduced as Litespeed’s premier 3AL/2.5V race bike. A USPRO National Championship, many stage wins and even a World Road Championship were amassed on Litespeed’s then flagship, the Ultimate. With lightweight, agility and precise handling the Ultimate Road and Ultimate Gravel offer the discerning rider the ultimate 3AL/2.5V performance oriented frames around.

Both are available as nude titanium or you can choose a range of graphics and paint finishes to personalise your Ultimate.

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